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At LoginNSignup.Com you can find login or sign up guides for popular websites from around the world (likes Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail,Instagram...). We also provide detailed information about each website’s history, features as well as tutorials how to use each sites. We also provide Status History chart, and you can check server status for them on our website.

Microsoft recently introduced Outlook.com, the impending successor to Hotmail. If you don’t have an existing Hotmail account, you can get started with Outlook.com by easily creating a new account.

You are using a Facebook account and your friend adds you on the group that you don't like. You often receive write post from this group on your homepage and you feel it is annoy you, you can leave group if you want. To leave a group:

Facebook is an app that is supported in most of mobile devices and computers. In order to have a video call, you need to log in your account first and follow these instructions.

When you are friend with someone, you will auto follow them. When you follow a person, page or group, you will see new post from person, page or group on your News Feed. So if you don’t want this post on your News Feed, you can unfollowing it. You can follow a few step bellow:

You can disable automatic sign in Hotmail by following the steps below. Please follow the instruction step by step

You can add Take a picture using quick cam, Add photo, Choose a sticker, Choose a gif or sticker, Choose an emoji, Add file and Sent a like.

The page is place people can share their stories and connect with people. On Facebook people can create a page customized with stories, events and more. So when joined a page, all members and their friends can get updates in News Feed.

Events allow you organize a meeting in the real world with people on Facebook. You can create or join an event for anything you want, such as a birthday party, an event charitable...When you create an event, you can control who can see and join your event.

On Facebook, you can add or change your photo, such as picture profile, cover photo, album… You can do it on your mobile device. It is easy.

On mobile, you can use Facebook app and you can add many friends on your mobile. You can add a friend by search them then send them a friend request. To add a friend on mobile:

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