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At LoginNSignup.Com you can find login or sign up guides for popular websites from around the world (likes Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail,Instagram...). We also provide detailed information about each website’s history, features as well as tutorials how to use each sites. We also provide Status History chart, and you can check server status for them on our website.

Within 14 days, if you do not log in again your account, it will be deleted permanently. During that period, you are able to log it in and your Facebook account will be activated as normally.

How to deactivate your Facebook account with a computer.

How to download facebook data on computer

How to review activity log on Facebook account on the computer

Add or change your mobile number in your Facebook account with a computer.

Change or add a mobile phone number for your account with an IOS device.

How to turn off the auto-play setting for Video on Facebook on IPhone.

How to turn off auto-play setting for video on Facebook?

How to retrieve your Facebook password on computer when you forget it

How to change Facebook Nickname

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