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AIM Mail and AOL Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits

You can send files and photos easily with AIM Mail and AOL Mail — but only files small enough. Find out about the AIM Mail and AOL Mail attachment size limit, and what to do when what you want to send exceeds it.

How to Block as Spam All Mail Not from People in Your AIM/AOL Mail Address Book

Render your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Inbox spam-free: have all mail from people not in your address book routed to the "Spam" folder.

How to Change the Default Mail Font in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Don't want to use Arial for all email purposes? Increase the font size every time you start a new message? Here's how to change the default font face, size and color in AIM Mail and AOL Mail.

How to Access a Free AIM Mail Account with Windows Mail or Outlook Express

Ah, the sweet taste of freedom — a peculiar, superficial kind of freedom, of course. But freedom nonetheless: get your AIM Mail in Windows Mail or Outlook Express in a very elegant manner.

Do you Know How to Get AOL Mail in

You don't have to go to AOL to get your AOL Mail or AIM Mail. You can get all new messages in Windows Live Hotmail, too.

How to Access AIM Mail in Your Email Client Using POP or IMAP

AIM Mail is readily accessed on the web, but setting it up to be delivered (seamlessly and automatically syncing up with the web version) to your desktop email program is a snap, too.

How to Add a Sender to Your Contacts Fast in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Looking for a way to build your address book that's swift and easy? Here's how to add any sender to your AIM Mail or AOL Mail contacts.

How to Change Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Password

Do you think AOL forgot to include into AIM Mail and AOL Mail a way to change your password? You may be right; but you can change your password nonetheless — easily.


anne beatty

screen notice annoyance

There is a grey colored page on my Email site that says, "Response to server has been blocked by an ...

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aol is not working

No response

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I am not getting any mail on my iPad..I get it on my phone and that has even stopped......

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Not getting myAOL email on my IPad. I get them on IPhone and computer

Not getting AOL email on my IPad

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