Google Drive Cheat Sheets

It’s not easy to truly become an expert-level user of Google Drive, though. There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts and features that are tough to master. These little-known features and shortcuts are actually going to save you a boatload of time, though.

Below, you'll find a list of keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive on the web.

To display the keyboard shortcut list in Google Drive, press Ctrl + / (Chrome OS, Windows) or + / (Mac).


Navigation and views

Go to navigation panel (folders list)g then n
g then f
Go to items viewg then l
Switch between grid and list in items viewv
Go to details paneg then d
Go to top of application (Google bar)g then t
Go to download statusg then a
Go to upload statusg then u
Show or hide details paned
Show or hide activity panei

Select items

Select or deselect itemx
Select next item downj
Down arrow
Select next item upk
Up arrow
Select next item to the lefth
Left arrow
Select next item to the rightl
Right arrow
Extend selection downShift + Down arrow
Shift + j
Extend selection upShift + Up arrow
Shift + k
Extend selection leftShift + Left arrow
Extend selection rightShift + Right arrow
Select all visible itemsShift + a
Clear all selectionsShift + n

Move between items

Move down without changing selectionCtrl + Down arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Down arrow (Mac)
Move up without changing selectionCtrl + Up arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Up arrow (Mac)
Move left without changing selectionCtrl + Left arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Left arrow (Mac)
Move right without changing selectionCtrl + Right arrow (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Right arrow (Mac)

Take action on selected items

Open selected itemEnter
Rename selected itemn
Share selected items. (dot)
Move selected items to new folderz
Star or unstar selected itemss
Add selected items to an additional folderShift + z
z then Ctrl (Chrome OS, Windows)
z then Alt (Mac)
Remove selected items# or Alt + Backspace (Chrome OS)
# or Delete (Windows)
# or Fn + Delete (Mac)
Undo last actionCtrl + z (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + z (Mac)
Redo last undone actionCtrl + Shift + z (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + Shift + z (Mac)

Create new items

DocumentShift + t
PresentationShift + p
SpreadsheetShift + s
DrawingShift + d
FolderShift + f
FormShift + o

Open menus

Create menuc
More actions menua
Current folder actions menuf
Sort menur
Settings menut

Application actions

Display keyboard shortcuts listShift + /
Ctrl + / (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + / (Mac)
Choose next visual density
(row height and element spacing)
q then q
Find/find nextCtrl + f (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + f (Mac)
PrintCtrl + p (Chrome OS, Windows)
⌘ + p (Mac)
Show last messagem
Search your Drive/

Preview mode actions

Play/pause Space
Zoom in+ or =
Zoom out-

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  3. Details , Activities & Settings

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