How to create a Facebook Group

How do I create a group?

Step 1: Click icon  on the top right of your Facebook.

Step 2: Select Create Group.


Step 3: Fill all information: Name your group and Add some people.


Step 4: Click Create.




How do I delete a group?

Delete group when it don’t have members. If you’re created group, you can delete group by remove all members and then yourself.

Step 1: Go to group you want to delete

Step 2: Click Members below the cover photo.

Step 3: Click icon  next to each member name and select Remove from Group.

Step 4: Select Confirm.


Step 5: Next click icon  next to each admin and select Leave Group when you removed all members.

Step 6: Click Leave Group.



How do I add new members in a group?

Step 1: Go to group you want add new members.

Step 2: Click Members below the cover photo.

Step 3: Click Add.


Step 4: Enter name or email addresses you want add and then click their name to add to them in group.

Note: If you add members to the group, group admin may need to agree the request before they can join.



How do I make someone an admin of my group?

Step 1: Go to your group.

Step 2: Click Members below the cover photo.


Step 3: Click icon next to each member name and select Make Admin.

Step 4: Click Make Admin.

Note: When you add someone an admin of a group, they can also remove members or admin, add news admins and edit the group description and settings.


How do I change the name of group I admin?

Step 1:Go to group.

Step 2: Click icon on the top – right of cover photo.

Step 3: Select Edit Group Settings.

Step 4: Next to Group Name and change group name.

Step 5: Click Save on the bottom.

Note: When you change group name, all members will receive a notification that this.






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