marcella korshak

why can't i access my original instagram account?

have 2 instagram accounts one is for my personal pix and one is for my jewelry designs. for the past 2 year si have been laid up having had 6 spine surgeries. my most important account celladesigns has been mine for a lot longer than cellakorshak (my family pix) but i have been unable to get it up and running. every time i try to log on t says it's taken. And it is, by me but i can't access. we have been posting my jewelry pix on the cellakorshak but my website is celladesigns so i would like my instagram account to lead potential customers to my website especially since i can't get out of bed to do shows anymore and am relying on the website for my sole income. can u please help? my office tried repeatedly 2 years ago and gave up in frustration. i have hd my website for over 20 years but i am not sure how long i have the celladesigns instagram account. thank you so much. best regards, marcella korshak

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