Twitter login verification

In order to increase the security of your account, twitter provides login verification mode, what make sure that you, and only you, can access your account.

if you do not active login verification, follow these steps below.


  • you must confirm your email address.
  • - have phone, and install twitter app.


  1. Enable login verification on web

    After login, go to, check “Verify login requests”.

    verify login requests

  2. Click "Start"

    start login verification

  3. Click “Send code”, you will receive an message that contains code.

    confirm number

  4. Enter code, click “Submit”.

    If you does not receive any PIN code, click “I didn’t receive the code”.

    enter pin code

  5. After the step above , whenever you login, twitter will ask for a login code. In case of losing you device, create back up code for single-use.

    login verification success

  6. Write down this code, click "Done" to finish.

    backup code


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